Bao bì PTFE-Braided Teflon đóng gói

Sự khác biệt giữa amiăng và miếng đệm không amiăng là gì
Sự khác biệt giữa amiăng và miếng đệm không amiăng là gì?
Trơn PTFE bện đóng gói
Trơn PTFE bện đóng gói

Bao bì PTFE-Braided Teflon đóng gói

PTFE đóng gói,Teflon đóng gói

Owing to perfection and quality oriented approach, we have carved niche in the industry by Pure PTFE Packing. Provided packing is widely demanded in various industries for packaging purposes. Offered packing is manufactured in our well equipped manufacturing unit using pure polytetrafluoroethylene and progressive technology in sync with the latest trends prevailing in the international market.

PTFE Packing or Teflon Packing is braided with high purity PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, Teflon) filament. PTFE material has a low friction and excellent resistance to chemicals. PTFE Braided Packing is resilient, chemical resistant, self-lubricating, and withstand high linear speed and pressure with minimum wearing to the shaft. PTFE Packing can be used in various pumps and valves. It is especially good for corrosive media, high speed application, or applications that require clean and minimum contamination material.

Packings made from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) are a mainstay of the mechanical compression packing industry. PTFE is well known for its outstanding resistance to chemical attack, low coefficient of friction and wide temperature tolerance including cryogenic service. This wide flexibility makes PTFE packings a popular choice for those difficult applications where strong solvents, corrosive chemicals and oxidising media require to be sealed. Klinger have harnessed these properties in our range of PTFE based gland packings to give an enormously wide sealing capability in both valve and pumping applications.

Product Sizes

Style options:

1400L – Lubicated soft version

1400D – Impregnated with PTFE dispersion, non-lubricated firm version

Size: 1/8″ – 1.5″

Technical Data

Tài liệu100% Pure PTFE yarn
Temperature Range-150 up to +260 oC
ProcessRotating15 bar
Reciprocating100 bar
Static150 bar
Shaft Speed2m/s
Mật độ1.3g/cm3
Áp lực
Rotary Pumps: 300 psi
Nhiệt độ
-400°F / -240°C to 550°F / 288° C
Rotary Pumps: 2000
Màu sắc
PTFE suspensoid and silicone oil

Flawless finish
Temperature resistance
Tear resistance
Optimal strength

Widely used in valves, flanges & static applications. Gives excellent sealing when used in place of gaskets or jointing. Can be used against almost all media.


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