Vòng đệm Graphite linh hoạt tinh khiết

Trơn PTFE bện đóng gói
Trơn PTFE bện đóng gói
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Vòng đệm Graphite linh hoạt tinh khiết

linh hoạt than chì tấm

linh hoạt than chì tấm

Graphite gaskets are cut from pure graphite sheet , features excellent corrosion-resistance, high-and-low temperature resistance, good compression resilient and high intensity. It can be used as sealing elements of pipe, valve, pump, pressure vessel, heat exchanger and condenser, vv.
Độ dày: 0.5mm-10mm
Ứng dụng: Flanges, valve bonnets, heat exchangers, level indicators etc.
Typical Service Fluids: High temperature & pressure steam, hot water, gases, heat medium, hydrocarbon, dung môi hữu cơ, acids, alkalis( PH0-14 ) , LPG ,LNG ,liquefied oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen etc.
Áp lực: 3Mpa
Temperature in oxidizing atmosphere: -240~400

Cotton rope or reinforced with glass fiber is woven from low-sulfur expanded graphite yarn. This seal is a good thermal conductivity, provides chemical resistance and high flexibility. Also, do not damage the shaft and the shaft with a low coefficient of friction.

Corrosion Blocker Graphite Seals : Corrosion inhibitor, a cathodic corrosion drive shaft and the shaft of the valve flap protection.

Pure graphite gaskets are widely used in all industrial sectors. They are among others found wherever enormously high temperatures can also be found or substances that are distinguished by a special aggressiveness. Pure graphite gaskets are thus especially deployed in the manufacture of pumps and / or exhaust systems. The mutability of these gaskets particularly makes them attractive for many areas. Pure graphite gaskets can for example be supplemented with stainless steel flaps or be impregnated with PTFE or copper, in order to achieve better results and an optimal application.

Specifications of pure graphite ring sheet gasket:

Tài liệu: Pure expanded graphite
Nhiệt độ: min. -400° F (-240° C) max. 842° F (450° C) in atmosphere +1200° F (+650° C) in steam
Fluid Services: Gases, nước, hơi nước, Hydrocarbons, Oils and greases, Alcohol & Keytones, vv.
Áp lực: 2000 PSI (70 bar)
P x T (max)1: 700,000 (25,000) 1/16” and 1/32”; 350,000 (12,000) 1/8

No.Mật độPorosityCompressure









Hengda gasketing is available in two grades: industrial grade, which is 98% pure, and nuclear grade, which is 99.5% pure. It is available as standard homogeneous sheet or metal- inserted sheet for applications requiring extra strength.

Graphite gaskets can handle higher temperatures
Gasket stability increases with filled graphite gasketing materials
Anti-stick properties for many styles eliminate flange gasket cleanup
Graphite gaskets conform to pitted and aged flange surfaces

Application Areas : Graphite shaft seals have a wide application that can be used anywhere in a facility. High pressure running seal under high temperature that this material is very important;

. Hydroelectric power plants, paper factories, power plants
. For valves used in refineries and industry, in pumps
. In expansion joints used in high temperature working mixer.


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