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Nén tấm lót bao bì,Amiăng đóng gói, Gasket

use of gaskets is in the joining of flanges on pipe lines or valves

Asbestos packing and gasket seals have provided the best means of positively sealing hydraulic or pneumatic equipment.

No subject is of more pertinent interest to the mechanical engineer and plant executive than the proper operation of hydraulic or pneumatic equipment. Presses, Van, hoists, autoclaves, pumps and similarly controlled machinery can be a source of great expense when improperly sealed.

Vật liệu:

Made of organic fibers(e.g aramid fiber), inorganic fibers, NBR rubber and a small amount of fillers processed by calendering and vulcanizing processes.

1. Chiều rộng: 51″ x 130″,51”*83”,56″ x 90″,60”*130,56”*130”,46*130”
2. Mật độ: 1. 6g/Cm3
3. Độ cứng: 70shoreA
4. Elongation: > 250% with Max. %600
5. Tensile strength: > 4. 0MPa
6. Low Temperature Usage (Fahrenheit): +10 to -50
7. High Temperature Usage (Fahrenheit): To 250

Physical properties:
Nhiệt độ,℃………………………….. 150
Áp lực, MPa ……………………………. 1.5
Tensile strength, MPa ………………≥ 9
Mật độ, g/cm3 …………………… …1.6 ~ 2.0
Compressibility, %…………………….7~17
Recovery, % ………………………….. 35

emNhiệt độ
Mật độ
Áp lực
Tensile Strength
Độ dày

Bao bì là một nén và đàn hồi vật liệu được sử dụng như là một con dấu trên bộ phận chuyển động. Vòng đệm được sử dụng bất cứ nơi nào hai miếng kim loại đặt cố định được mang lại với nhau trong các thiết bị xử lý chất lỏng hay chất khí. Vòng đệm cũng được gọi là văn phòng phẩm hoặc tĩnh hải cẩu.

Việc sử dụng phổ biến nhất của vòng đệm là tham gia bích trên đường ống hoặc Van. Con dấu và phe m được xác định về cơ bản theo phương pháp ứng dụng hoặc loại hình xây dựng

Gaskets prevent pipes and machinery from leaking by sealing the tight spaces in between metal parts, making them essential components of the industrialized world. Modern gasket manufacturers now use a number of heat-resistant substitutes for asbestos, but workers still commonly encounter the toxic mineral when taking apart old engines or industrial machinery.

Asbestos packings and gaskets are made by different techniques. Yarn can be twisted or braided into different shapes conforming to packing. or gasket requirements. The braided forms or asbestos fabrics can be coated, or impregnated with different compounds.

Cloth is one of the bases for sheet packing, folded, and wound packing. These packings in turn are formed into various shapes and sizes.

Sheet asbestos packing is considered one of the first applications of asbestos in the form of packing. This type of packing is available with such different combinations as wire reinforced asbestos fabric, graphite impregnated asbestos fabrics and others. Metallic products can be made from woven cloth which contains asbestos yarn—metal core.

This type of construction, impregnated with the various binders, has been very popular and useful in the manufacture of gaskets and packings.

Packing for high temperature must be firm and hard. The packing which is vulcanized in large coils is generally difficult to force into engineered cavities of equipment such as stuffing boxes. A common procedure is to wind these coils in spirals during the vulcanizing process so that they can be easily installed.




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