rockwool felt

Rockwool Felt

Rockwool felt is a kind of soft and roll product made of rockwool felt wrapped by wire netting, stainless steel netting or glass wire, mainly used […]
Rockwool Pipe

Rockwool Pipe

Rockwool pipe shell is a kind of rock wool thermal insulation material mainly used in pipe. With natural basalt as main raw material, after high temperature melting, made into synthetic inorganic fibers by highspeed centrifugal equipment,at the same time, through adding special binder and dustproof oil, after being heating cured, it is manufactured into different specifications of rock wool pipe shells according to different requirements. Meanwhile, rockwool can also be compounded with glass wool and aluminum silicate wool into compound rockwool insulation pipe shell. Rockwool pipe shell is made with selected diabase and basalt slag as main raw materials, after high temperature melting,through spraying the special adhesive and waterproof agent in the process of highspeed centrifugal, and produced into resin rockwool insulation pipe shell and waterproof rock wool insulation pipe shell. Applications Rockwool pipe is widely used in industrial kiln […]
Rockwool board

Rockwool Board

Rockwool board, also known as mineral wool or stone wool is a type of insulation made from actual stone. Because it is an excellent insulator, sound […]