Graphited PTFE Packing with oil

Material: graphite-PTFE compound with lubricant. very good thermal conductivity.High flexibility and volumetric stability,no embrittlement or ageing. Long life with good operating efficiency. Gentle treatment of shafts. […]
Lubricated PTFE Braided Packing

Lubricated PTFE Braided Packing

Lubricated PTFE Braided Packing is a packing composed of pure PTFE yarns, which is impregnated with PTFE dispersion and inert lubricants, and formed using a diagonal […]
PTFE Packing,teflon packing

PTFE Packing – Braided Teflon Packing

Owing to perfection and quality oriented approach, we have carved niche in the industry by Pure PTFE Packing. Provided packing is widely demanded in various industries […]
Asbestos packing with graphite and oil

Asbestos packing with graphite and oil,Asbestos Packings & Gaskets

Packing is a compressible and resilient material used as a seal on moving parts. Gaskets are used wherever two stationary pieces of metal are brought together […]
graphte packing

Graphte Packing

Description: Seiko graphite as the main material compiled. With good self-lubricating and thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, versatility, flexibility, high strength, has a protective effect […]
carbon packing

Carbon Packing

Specification: 6.0mm~50mm Description: It is a braided packing made of carbon fiber yams impregnated with P.T.F.E and treated with lubricant Application: Sealing for high TEMP, high pressure, […]
Kevlar Fiber Packing

Kevlar Fiber Packing

Description: With aramid fiber as the main material, repeatedly dipping lubricants, lotions and other precision PTFE compiled. There is preferably a high resilience, chemical resistance, low […]
PTFE woven aramid fiber packing

PTFE Woven Aramid Fiber Packing

PTFE as the main material. Has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, sealing, lubrication is not high viscosity and good aging endurance. Long-term work at a temperature […]
pure PTFE

Pure PTFE Packing

Description: Pure PTFE Packing is braided of Pure PTFE yarn without any lubrication. Designed for valves and lower shaft speed application under medial pressure in food […]