Insulating Non-asbestos Jointing Rubber Gasket Sheet

Compressed Sheet Gasket Packing,Asbestos Packing, Gasket
Oil-Resistance Asbestos Rubber Sheets for water, steam

Insulating Non-asbestos Jointing Rubber Gasket Sheet

Non Asbestos Jointing Sheets. Non Asbestos Jointsheet. Jointing sheets are sheet-shaped gasket materials

Insulating Rubber Sheet
1.material: NR, IR, IIR, EPDM and silicone rubber sheet
2.features: insulation, low coefficient

Insulating non asbestos Rubber Sheets  are widely used in the transformer station, power plant and electricity distribution station, etc.


 CodeName Color Density g/cm3 Hardness SHElongation % 

Tensile strength


Temp oC
B400RICold &heat oil-resisting Rubber SheetYellow1.565±53006.0-5~+50


Non-Asbestos Jointing Sheets are made of special non-asbestos heat-resisting fiber, heat-resisting packing material, and special nature or NBR rubber compound heating and compression molding it.
1) Non-asbestos rubber sheet series include: NXB200, NXB300, NXB350
Uses: Substitution of corresponding models of asbestos rubber sheet ,Used for the equipment in water,steam,etc.and used as sealing material in the joints of pipeline
Working pressure : 1.5~8.0 MPa ,Working temperature : 200 ~350℃
2) Oil-resistance non-asbestos rubber sheet series include: NNY150, NNY250, NNY300, NNY350
Uses: Substitution of corresponding models of asbestos rubber sheet , Mainly used as the aviation liquid the motive’s kerosene, lubricant, the fuel oil and cold air system to join together the seal completely of place the sealing gasket material.
Working pressure : 7.0~12 MPa ,Working temperature : 150 ~350℃
Available Sizes: Thickness: 0.5 to 5mm
1500 x 4500mm, 1500 x 4100mm, 1300 x 3850mm, 1500 x 2000mm,
1500 x 1500mm, 1500 x 1360mm, 1500 x 1000mm , 1270 x 1270mm,
The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.
At the same time, steel wire net inserted (coated graphite) is available.
Packing: in wooden pallet of about 1000 kgs, 2000kgs net each.

Sheeting rubber products are most often sold in the form of rolls. Our sheet rubber rolls are usually stocked in gauges between 1/32” to 2” in thickness, depending on the specific type of elastomer. Since our sheet rubber is sold in roll form, they can be acquired in custom lengths of up to 25 or 50 ft according to your specifications. This will help ensure that you have the exact amount of material you need for your project. More importantly, however, you should know which type of material to choose from.

Non-Asbesto Rubber Sheet 

Tensile strength MPa≥
Aging Coefficient ≥0.9
Density g/cm³1.8~1.9
Compressibility %12 ± 7
Normal temperature PliabilityBend 180 degree on the round column (the column diameter is 12 multiple sample thickness), No crack
Rebound degree35404540455050
Worm change Relaxation rate % ≤45454540403030
Dipped in IRM903 oil with 149℃ for 5 hoursHorizontal Strain MPa≥———-
Weight increasing % ≤———-30
Appearance change———-No air bubble
Dipped in ASTM fuel oil B with 21℃-30℃ for 5 hoursThickness increasing%———-0~205~255~205~20
PliabilityBend 180 degree on the round column (the column diameter is 12 multiple sample thickness),

No crack

Cauterization to the metal material———-No Cauterization
Normal temperature

oil Airtightness

Medium pressure MPa———-7.09.01112
Airtightness requestKeep for 30min, no leak
Nitrogen leakage rate [(ml/] ≤300



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