Compressed Sheet Gasket Packing,Asbestos Packing, Gasket

Asbestos packing and gasket seals have provided the best means of positively sealing hydraulic or pneumatic equipment. No subject is of more pertinent interest to the […]
flexible graphite sheet

Pure flexible Graphite Gaskets

Graphite gaskets are cut from pure graphite sheet , features excellent corrosion-resistance, high-and-low temperature resistance, good compression resilient and high intensity. It can be used as […]
Compressed Non-Asbestos Gaskets,rubber gasket

Compressed Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Hengda is a recognized leading converter of high quality compressed non-asbestos gaskets and seals. Our company’s reputation for excellence has been built on our ability to […]
Asbestos rubber gasket

Asbestos rubber gasket for oil sealing

A gasket is a mechanical seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects […]
High pressure washer

High Pressure Washer

To asbestos fibers, rubber as the main raw material for rubber compounding agents and supplemented filler, after mixing, hot roll forming, curing processes made high pressure […]
Medium pressure asbestos gasket

Medium Pressure Asbestos Gasket

Mainly used for sealing steam, water, gas, oil and non-aggressive media.
ptfe gasket

PTFE Gasket

PTFE gasket with good stability performance, also, it is the clean sealing products with good resistance for chemical corrosion.
spiral wound gasket

Spiral Wound Gasket

Spiral wound gasket is suitable for high temperature and high pressure working conditions, good resilience, it’s ideal static seal original of valves, pumps and flange joint
Non-asbestos gasket

Non-asbestos Gasket

Non-asbestos gasket is based on a variety of specific conditions required to non-asbestos sealing materials (non-asbestos compressed sheet, non-asbestos rubber sheet and other asbestos-free material), or […]
asbestos gaskets

Asbestos Gaskets

Low asbestos gasket is made of a white chrysotile asbestos fibers, suitable for most low-temperature, low demand, mainly for sealing steam, water, gas, oil and non-aggressive […]